Targeted Mailing Lists

Have We Got Mailing Lists?!?

Well Of Course!!!

Increase Your Mailing Effectiveness Multiple-Fold with a Targeted Mailing List aimed directly at those who are looking for or will benefit and be interested in your offer.

Helpful Marketing- Mailing Lists, Simply The Best!

Helpful Marketing- Mailing Lists, Simply The Best!

What you should know about our Mailing Lists:

Mailing lists are not perfect. While we sell the best of what’s available, it is very difficult to keep track of 200 million consumers and 22 millions businesses. Your customers should understand the average deliverability of each list (see above) before they mail. Common list problems include “out of business” records, deceased, vacancies as well as demographics (income, age, etc.) not being 100% accurate.


The best mailing lists you can find – We promise!

Helpful Marketing has partnered with one of the best mailing list wholesalers in the industry! This gives Helpful Marketing competitive access to the most complete and up to date, list sources in the business!  Here is a sampling of some of our most common mailing list data sources:

We understand that even one bad list can lose a customer for life. That’s why Helpful Marketing works hard to provide only top quality data. You can use our lists with the confidence of knowing your customer is getting the best mailing lists that are available.